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Centmin is a bash script developed for use on CentOS 5 & 6.
It is designed to provide a fully functional NMP plus DNS stack - using minimal resources.


Centmin features:

- Updates any pre-installed software (via Yum)
- Secures /tmp (and /var/tmp) directories
- Installs development tools needed for compilation of Nginx and NSD
- Sets server to use your local timezone
- Installs Nginx, MySQL, PHP 5.3.8 (with FPM)
- Installs NSD (DNS Server - a low-memory alternative to BIND)
- Installs NTP (Other than on OpenVZ VPS)
- Installs Sendmail (enables PHP to use the mail function)
- Optional: Installs Alternative PHP Cache, XCache, Memcached, Siege, MariaDB, ConfigServer Firewall

Just do this:

mkdir centmin && cd centmin
tar xzf centmin-latest.tar.gz
chmod +x ./ && ./

And done !

Edit php.ini = phpedit
Edit my.cnf = mycnf
Edit php-fpm.conf = fpmconf
Edit nginx.conf = nginxconf
Edit (nginx) virtual.conf = vhostconf
Edit (nginx) php.conf = phpinc
Edit (nginx) drop.conf = dropinc
Edit (nginx) staticfiles.conf = statfilesinc
nginx stop/start/restart = ngxstop/ngxstart/ngxrestart
php-fpm stop/start/restart = fpmstop/fpmstart/fpmrestart
mysql (or MariaDB) stop/start/restart = mysqlstop/mysqlstart/mysqlrestart
nginx + php-fpm stop/start/restart = npstop/npstart/nprestart
memcached stop/start/restart = memcachedstop/memcachedstart/memcachedrestart
csf stop/start/restart = csfstop/csfstart/csfrestart

Update nginx = nginx-update
Setup new nginx vhost = nginx-vhost
(where is the domain you want to setup without the www.)

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